Wolfgang Irlinger

Wolfgang Irlinger has been a full-time employee in teaching & research in the Design & Product Management Department since 2015. As a statistics expert, Wolfgang mainly teaches quantitative methods, applied mathematics and statistics in the field of market research.

Wolfgang Irlinger comes from Bischofswiesen, his studies of business administration took him to Passau, where he worked as a research assistant in teaching and research after completing his diploma at the Department of statistics.

After completing his doctorate, Wolfgang Irlinger worked in an analysis team of an IT consultancy in Munich. He then switched to the telephone provider Telefónica o2, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of analysis, simulations and data mining models.

Now Wolfgang is an integral part of the teaching team at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and appreciates the lessons in small groups. “The transfer of knowledge is much more interactive and the communication with students is more individually,” explains Irlinger. Wolfgang is also mentor at the Innovation Days Salzburg and the Social Hackathon 2018 – European Youth Award. He is active in the FH Startup Taskgroup and works as an external lecturer at the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University and the Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences.