In recent years, a paradigm shift has become noticeable in the scientific discussion surrounding the topic of branding: Management no longer has total control over the brand, but a number of internal and external stakeholders co-create the desired meaning of the brand. Brand meaning evolves through a social process of interaction between many actors and is constantly changed. The “public” life of a brand on the Internet reinforces this process.

Creating a successful brand in a volatile environment means, among other things, understanding how the various stakeholder groups help shape the meaning of a brand in a positive sense (co-creation) and in a negative sense (co-deconstruction).

We are currently working on the following questions:

How can a company, a start-up or a city position itself successfully in a volatile environment?

How does migration change our society and what effects does it have on strategic brand management, e.g. a city or a company?

How does the co-creational process of conscientious corporate brands facilitate a societal change towards sustainability?

Current projects

Co-creation of a city brand during the wave of refugees in 2015


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