They do exist – companies that create value for their own company, but also for society. Hybrid companies have in common that the owners / entrepreneurs or employees aim to be able to financially live of the business model, but at the same time generate ecological and social value for society. But the road to becoming a successful company is long: Conflicting issues wait around every corner. Yet some companies are more successful than others. Therefore, we are interested to research what they have in common.

We are currently working on the following questions:

What does it mean for communication and story-telling to market a responsible lifestyle?

What does positioning as a “hybrid company” mean for brand management?

What makes hybrid companies resilient vs. vulnerable?

How are innovation processes designed and what role do stakeholders play in hybrid companies?

How is the accounting of hybrid companies structured?

How can conflicting goals be balanced?

What is the role of entrepreneurial identity in managing these conflicting goals?

Current projects

CE RESPONSIBLE - Empowering Social Business in Central Europe
Entrepreneurship & Social Identity in responsible hybrid companies


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