For students: Independent work from the start

Experience freedom and get in touch with companies in the Business Administration course at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences: You get the equipment from us!

If you study with us, you can take your first steps towards practice in different ways: Lectures by experts from the field (e.g. in courses or in the context of fireside chats) give you first insights into the world of companies from the region and those operating internationally.

In the bachelor’s program, we organize company excursions or you take on responsibility as part of a practical project lasting several months. You get this possibility in the course “Practical Projects”, which is located in the 4th semester of the Bachelor´s degree. The aim of this teaching / learning platform is to give students the opportunity to work out specific tasks for external clients: It is about finding common goals, project planning, assigning roles, developing their own ideas and presenting them to management.

Do not worry: you will not be left alone. You will be coached by us.

If you study with us in the master’s program, there are also many opportunities to test your learnings. In addition to lectures and excursions, there is, for example, the Student Studies seminar, which is anchored in the master’s program in the second semester (see for instance the activities evolving around Curiositas which developed as part of the student studies seminar). For over a year you will work with group members of your choice on a self-defined project. This requires a lot of initiative, personal responsibility and perseverance! As a sounding board, we are of course available at your side. However, the responsibility for success (or failure) lies on you!

Another point of contact with practice are the master theses. For some topics you look for experts to work on your research topic, in other cases you work in close coordination with a company. Either way, you will go through ups and downs. But here too: We will coach you.

For companies: Member of the Salzburg Economic Sciences Association from the start

Do you want to position yourself as an attractive employer and sponsor of education, research and teaching in the business administration course? If so, we are now offering you the opportunity to become an active member of the Salzburg Economics Promotion Club.

The club aims to build a bridge between science, business and society as well as between students, lecturers, graduates and members of the support club. It creates an attractive platform for maintaining and deepening the community by organizing network meetings. Furthermore, the club supports the business studies courses at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences ideally and materially.

We make it easy for you and open up ways for you to:

  1. Solving a problem in your company
  2. Further training of your employees
  3. Employer branding & recruiting of new employees / interns
  4. Knowledge transfer of new findings and practices into your company

Therefore, choose from our range of numerous attractive activities and visit exclusive events (e.g. New Business Models) with partners from industry and business, where you can discuss different use cases with company representatives and students.

For more information, please refer to the brochure.

Our members:

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Here are some examples of what we do:



PALFINGER: Recycle and relocate

The company PALFINGER AG is a loyal and extremely committed cooperation partner in practical projects with the MRM department. Objective of the practical project The main goal of the “Recycle and Relocate” project was market research on the existing recycling and disposal systems in the core markets of Germany, the...

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Stick it to the plastic water bottles!

Objective of the practical project What messages of communication are hip and sexy enough to make consumers more aware of how to produce less plastic waste and value water from the faucet more? This question was answered by a group of part-time students from the business administration program under the...

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Lecture at the NRRKEC Retail Symposium 2017

The National Retail Research Knowledge Exchange Center (NRRKEC) retail symposium takes place at Nottingham Trent University every year. It was that time again in July 2017, with a selection of academics and practitioners from the UK trade dedicated to “Engaging the aging in the retail shopping experience.” Also invited was...

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Want to order 200 grams of ham directly from the couch? The marketing department of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is testing this out.

INTERSPAR GmbH INTERSPAR is active in the food, household goods and non-food sector. It is the largest subsidiary of the SPAR Austria Group. As an operator of hypermarkets and bakeries, INTERSPAR has around 10,000 employees with headquarters in Salzburg. Objective The aim of the project was to test the user-friendliness...

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