Module 2: successful cooperation and communication

At the beginning of the module there is an exciting impulse from renowned people from science and practice, before the participants split up into the break-out sessions depending on their area of interest. After the break-out session, all participants can make new contacts as part of speed networking and find their match for future corporate cooperation.

For for-profit companies:

Success potential of cross-sector collaborations & mentorship models

The right cooperation partnership is the basis of a successful cooperation. The relationship level plays a central role, especially in cooperation between organizations from different sectors. Someone who supports corporate collaborations knows how to set the appropriate framework for the development of a common vision and accompanies the partners in the joint implementation.

This module helps participants to consolidate the knowledge gained in module 1 and to develop a deeper understanding of organizations in different sectors, to analyze personal agendas and to guide the development of an implementation strategy. Particular attention is paid to the structural / institutional level, the operational level, the management level and the social / personal level.

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Be the Change – The Need for Radical Collaboration


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For social entrepreneurs / social start-ups / NGOs:

Successful digital communication with cooperation partners and customers

Good communication is the foundation of successful information sharing and building interpersonal relationships. It is therefore a prerequisite for functioning corporate partnerships and for reaching and retaining customers.

In Module 2, the participants deal with the do’s and don’ts of digital communication and the corresponding digital communication tools. It should be noted that communication in the digital space can be one-way, e.g. in the case of an advertisement, or reciprocal, such as in an online meeting. Basically, however, digital communication is characterized by the fact that the once typical sender-receiver hierarchy (such as in television or print) is broken up. Recipients can give feedback on the information distributed by companies, “like” and comment on it – and this can be accessed in real time and worldwide.

This module is about how to place your content correctly and which tools you can use to better communicate with both your partners and your customers.

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Be the Change – The Need for Radical Collaboration

Best Practice:

Damn Plastic (2020): DAMN PLASTIC | Crazy Plastic-Free Shop |. available online at, last updated on 24.12.2020, last checked on 24.12.2020.