Module 1: social business in Austria & innovation

At the beginning of the module there is an exciting impulse from renowned people from science and practice, before the participants split up into the break-out sessions depending on their area of interest. After the break-out sessions, all participants can make new contacts within the framework of speed networking and find their match for future corporate cooperation.

For for-profit companies:

Social business in Austria: overview, importance and best practice

The first module presents the main concepts of social entrepreneurship, provides insights into the specific characteristics and challenges of a social entrepreneur and gives an overview of the social entrepreneur ecosystem, its complexity and areas of tension.

Currently, more and more forms of social and sustainable entrepreneurship are emerging, with the boundaries between non-profit organizations and classic for-profit companies becoming more and more blurred. For everyone who would like to support the development of social and sustainable business solutions in the future, it is therefore important to know the various types of company and their most important characteristics and areas of tension in order to be able to support them in a targeted manner.

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Be the Change – The Need for Radical Collaboration


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For social entrepreneurs / social start-ups / NGOs:

Open innovation and active involvement of the community for social business: overview, meaning and best practice

Social and sustainable innovations are changing our environment, society and economy today. Anyone who has ever dealt with this topic knows that a good idea alone is usually not enough, it is the many small steps leading to implementation that turn a vision into a real innovation. While the innovation process and the various forms of innovation are briefly discussed at the beginning of this module, the focus is on open innovation systems and the use of participatory methods to involve customers / clients / citizens in the development of business solutions and social or environmental projects.



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Got curious?

Be the Change – The Need for Radical Collaboration


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