Master´s degree

How to maneuver in times that are characterized by change and risk?

This question poses great challenges for all of us. We believe we have the skills to prepare you for dealing with uncertainty. You will learn skills that specialists and executives in middle and upper management need in order to accompany change processes in times of great upheaval and to maintain focus. You can assess risks and create the network you need to successfully master the balance between change and stability. On the one hand, you work on these topics in a very practical manner, on the other hand, you embark on a scientific discourse.

With the Master of Arts in Business, you will receive a degree from us that signals that you can reflect on situations, bring commitment, look for solutions and stick with them until they work. You are aware of your responsibility as an actor in a system that has only limited resources available and many of them have already been used up.

Overview of the courses in the master’s program.

In the video, you can find out what you can achieve with a master’s degree in business administration from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Whether managing director, marketing manager or bank employee after completing your master’s degree in business administration, all options are open to you. See for yourself: