What: An association made by students for students!

Curiositas is an association that promotes a critical mindset. It offers students and interested parties a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing megatrends and consumer decisions. For this reason, series of events are regularly organized and implemented by students in order to discuss and reflect on important topics together with experts. In addition to the series of events, market research is also carried out in order to prepare the students for making reflected management and consumer decisions in the future. Salzburger Banken Software declared itself to be a supporter of the association.

Who: We want to introduce ourselves!
Chairman: FH-Prof. Dr. Robert Zniva
Vice Chairman: FH-Prof. Dr. habil. Christine Vallaster
Secretary: FH-Prof. Dr. Eva Lienbacher
Treasurer: Stephanie Unterberger, MA

Who: the protagonists!

Curiosity – guaranteed uncensored, an association that was founded in 2019 by eight master’s students of the business administration course at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. You took the opportunity and founded an association by students for students. Every year a new group of students takes over the management and creative work of the association, which means that it lives on on the Puch Urstein campus.

Here is an overview of the curiosity protagonists:

Maria Bäuerle
Anita Gruber
Ines Kornfeind
Ole Buers
Mong Vy Ho
Viktoria Kramer
Corinna Gerl
Hanna Jäger
Eva-Maria Kremser
Magret Gimpl
Magdalena Karner
Alina Lang
Patricia Lankmaier
Chani Pogonowski
Philip Lechner
Johanna Ullrich
Christina Lindmoser
Marlene Valenta
Tina Neureiter
Christina Wiener

Club data: Numbers & data about the club!

Name: Curiositas
Headquarter: Puch bei Hallein
c/o: FH Salzburg – FH-Prof. Dr. Robert Zniva
Address: 5412 Puch, Urstein Süd 1 / 2. Stock
Country: Österreich
ZVR-Zahl: 1987751009
Date of creation: 18.09.2019


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