Whiskey – What else?

This practical project from the department of marketing & relationship management with undergraduate full-time business administration students analyzed whiskey’s potential on the Austrian market, especially in the premium segment. The client was the Salzburg-based company Getränkepool. In addition to creative work such as the creation of vouchers, the students were also tasked with strategic work:

Objective 1: Description of the target segments

The students derived a trend in consumption and provided a precise description of potential customers using an analysis of studies and statistics on whiskey consumption in Austria and Germany.

Objective 2: Analysis of expectations regarding communication and sales

The results achieved above were further refined using qualitative and quantitative market research (n = 60 via personal surveys). The special concern of the surveys was to find out which offers can be used to address potential customers, on which occasions customers buy whiskey, in what quantity, and which age-specific differences there are. The analysis also identified the needs of the catering industry compared to end consumers.

Objective 3: Development of communication and sales measures (online and offline)

The final step was the development of concrete recommendations for action on how to address new and existing B2B and B2C customers on- and offline, and which new product variants had sales potential.

The final presentation provided the opportunity to explain and defend the own project and procedure in front of the company while taking questions from the other students.

Students: Maximilian Beck, Josef Pölz, Nicolai Sauer, Kathrin Wallinger

Supervisor: Christine Vallaster, Department Manager MRM