The bank of the future

 Organized by the department of marketing & relationship management with full-time bachelor students, this practical project talked about ATM services in Austria. The client was the Austrian Salzburger Banken Software.

The aim of the project was analyzing how to further digitize banking services with the help of ATMs by creating more benefits for employees, banks and customers.

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of existing machine solutions in this field, an empirical analysis of current counter-based transactions was conducted. Qualitative in-depth interviews were also carried out with employees working at the customer front end with the aim to reveal how processes were being handled at the counter, which customers asked for which services, and what challenges needed to be addressed and tackled. 

The results of the study show that elderly customers in particular appreciate personal service at the counter. The data also shows that not all services currently provided at the counter can be digitized, a result of the nature of the services themselves. Providing advice on financial services requires personal contact, is time-consuming, and demands a very personal touch. While personal service using state-of-the-art video technology can also be offered at ATMs, time-consuming and intimate processes are difficult to achieve using conventional devices. 

The results of the study were presented to a wide audience at the SBS Talks 2018 in May at the Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center.

Project Partner: Salzburger Banken Software 

Project team: Thalena Rumi, Teresa Striedl, Leonie Velich

Project Coach: Robert Zniva, Department MRM