Finally out – our latest brochure on #Joining #Forces – The Impact of Responsible Business

Our three-years EU project ‘CE Responsible. Empowering Social Business in Central Europe’ at FH Salzburg sponsored by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme comes to an end.

We aimed to connect forprofit businesses with an interest in supporting sustainable goals (so-called ‘altruistic entrepreneurs’) and social enterprises that need support in developing their social business model, and promote meaningful collaboration forms between them throughout central Europe.

Our latest brochure includes stories, best practices, tools and analysis from our EU wide partners and showcases the impact that collaborations between social enterprises and forprofit businesses (so-called altruistic entrepreneurs) can have on their surrounding social and ecological environment. Each of the partners voted for one project in their country that best demonstrates its contribution to one or more goals to improve social, ecological and economical sustainability on our planet. It is written for those interested in the processes of cooperation between social enterprises and traditional companies, either to start their own cross-sectoral partnership or to improve an existing one. This includes stakeholder groups consisting of social and profit-oriented enterprises as well as policy makers, funding organisations, networking organisations, incubation centres and researchers.

The brochure is organised in five sections that should carve out the importance of measuring and presenting impact, from Where We Started (Section I), to explaining Our Approach to Reporting on Impact (Section II), to What We Learned (Section III) and Where We Are Going (Section IV) to finally showing best-practice project examples per country in Stories and Achievements (Section V).

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