Finally out – our latest brochure on #Joining #Forces – The Impact of Responsible Business

Our three-years EU project ‘CE Responsible. Empowering Social Business in Central Europe’ at FH Salzburg sponsored by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme comes to an end. We aimed to connect forprofit businesses with an interest in supporting sustainable goals (so-called ‘altruistic entrepreneurs’) and social enterprises that need support in developing their social business model, and...

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Co-Creation of Conscientious Corporate Brands – Facilitating Societal Change Towards Sustainability: A Structured Literature Analysis

#corporatebrands #conscientious #brands – what are they? what of them? What is their role (if any) in the #transformational process towards a more #sustainable #society Check out on their #cocreational processes and the danger of #greenwashing @Fachhochschule Salzburg Due to increasing pressure on behalf of #consumers, more and more corporate...

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Podcast-Ankündigung KMU Digital

Relevante Technologien für österreichische KMUs

In der zweiten Folge der Mini-Serie „KMU Digital“ ist FH-Prof. Dr. Eva Lienbacher mit DI Simon Kranzer im Gespräch. Simon Kranzer ist Senior Lecturer an der FH Salzburg am Studiengang ITS, Mitglied des Digital Innovation Hub West und Teil der Projektleitung des Digitalisierungsprojekt Retailization 4.0. Im Podcast erklärt Simon Kranzer grundlegende Informationen...

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