Unsere externen Dozent_innen – Introducing: K.Y. Lee, MBA

KY Lee

Perth, Australia, has been my home for more than 25 years. To Salzburg, it will be a journey of 22 hours, 13471 km – but a longer journey started in the 1980s after my MBA (NY). I have been involved in university teaching, marketing & management consultancy, industry practice, textbook & case writing, and more recently, global travel. Still learning. Still sharing.

My experience has taught me that students are eager for a classroom experience that is engaging, and relevant to the challenges of the real-world. It must be more than what “Googling” can offer. It may only be a 3-year investment, but for a return that lasts 40 years and beyond. I am committed to their transition by instilling practical application & relevance into my courses – of observation, critical thinking and persuasive communication.

I have been very fortunate to be able to share my 30 years of industry & teaching experience and passion with my Marketing Case Studies students since 2010. And embark on some short European trips in-between classes!

The course, an extension of Principles of Marketing (or equivalent), develops students’ observation, analytical and decision-making skills through the case-study method involving numerous real-world or simulated business scenarios. All the cases are self-written or chosen to specifically showcase the application of a marketing model or strategic tool including a marketing plan. Conducted in English, this course has often been described by students as different, engaging, challenging, interesting, insightful, practical, etc. Incoming students are also welcomed.

Looking forward to the Salzburg summer and meeting the dedicated & pleasant students & staff of FHS once again!